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The No Sugar Challenge That Almost Broke Me

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Who else loves sugar! I drank a coke almost every day. Every morning I had a Starbucks chai latte, and every night I ate a bowl of my favorite sweet cereals before going to bed. Sugar was an important part of my life!

The reason I started this 14-day Sugar-Free Challenge was not anything to do with fitness, but because I'm obsessed with skin care, the care of the skin, all that I appreciate. he. I have read all these articles on how sugar and processed foods affect so many aspects of your body, one of the major ones being wrinkles and aging of your face. It was early December when I came across the article, but I knew that there was NO way to spend the holiday without sugar, so I pushed it back and I decided to wait for the new year. January 1st hit and I decided to go 14 days without SUGAR! I posted it on my Instagram, so I had an extra responsibility to do it and many of you came up with ideas and your favorite snacks to make it happen.

Allow me to add a warning. I did not have any major artificial sugars, so I had honey, fruit, yogurt – I stayed away from major things like pop, candies, cookies, sweet cereals, sweet slices , processed junk food (I know food in general – basically things that I knew that was bad for you). Here is my sugar free newspaper – if you want to get past my gossip, I give some tips and ideas basically and what my overall result was.

DAY 1 & 2:

The first two days were not so important. I really thought about it, but I had that motivation to start "I understood it!", Which eased the fight against small headaches and tired spells.

DAY 3-7:

The next two days were when it started to get difficult! I have a headache, I feel restless, super tired, I feel like an addict who notices sugar EVERYWHERE. You know when you are not supposed to have something then all you do is think about it. Ya, it was happening! I really wanted a fizzy soda and posted about it on my stories and a group of you recommended The Cross. Mara spotted the flavors that it was a bit of strawberry and you know the burning sensation of the bubbles when you drink pop that gave that effect so it filled my void for the need to pop.


Cody and I were driving to Spaghetti Factory, chatting while listening to music, and he was eating a cinnamon bear bag, absolutely not thinking that I was reaching my hand, grabbing one and taking a mouthful. I am like dannnng what taste so good why ?! And then half-chewing that hit me – I was like shit that's sugar !! Ahhh !!! I started screaming "HURRY babe rolling out the window I have to spit this !!!" I did not swallow it and it was 100% an accident so I feel like it was not a real lol cheat

DAY 8:

I took a flight to Miami and it was super weird because I ALWAYS get Twizzler feathers for the flight. We flew a bit, it was so weird that my body wanted to go through the motions at the airport and grab my snacks, but mentally I stopped myself a few times. Usually, I ordered Ginger Ale, because I have it or Coca-Cola on each flight, but the second where she handed me it was like I was not drinking. of soft drink so I gave him some water.

DAY 9 – 11:

Was in Miami and luckily my friends with me are rather healthy eaters, I found this place that had all the organic fruits that were like popsicles but just with fresh fruit! They were super delicious and I had a kiwi strawberry.


I came back from Miami and my best friend came to town. We stopped on a bunch of snacks for the kids and Beckam chose one of my favorite POWDER DONATIONS of all time! – Yes, I realize that this turns into a diary of all the sweet things that I missed. I opened the bag to give one to B and they felt so good. He literally took everything from me to not take one. My friend was as if you were doing it one day you really did me good and I was like I can not, I came up here I have to do one more day! And I know it looks so silly but when I finally finished knowing that I really did it and that I decided to do something and that I got myself really felt so good!


It was literally a holiday when the day 14 arrived! I was so excited to have some kind of treat! Yes it was lol powdered donuts, and of course a coke. But what was odd is that I can drink a full Coke, not much, I drank only a few sips and I was rather excited. I was not like before, and I did not even want my chai lattes anymore! But let's be honest, the donuts had a taste of paradise 😉

I therefore wanted to share some tips and advice from what I learned:


Milk: I switched from plain milk to almond milk and, surprisingly, I did not even miss so much normal milk. On average, a cup of milk contains about 10-12 grams of sugar, while most almond milks contain no sugar.

Soda: A few times, I had very bad cravings for soda, so I turned to sugar-free drinks like La Croix instead. These are not necessarily my favorite drinks, but carbonation has helped curb cravings.

When it came to snacks, I liked almonds, apple slices, protein shakes, and so on. I've also probably eaten more eggs than ever before. Scrambled egg whites, egg sandwiches, avocado toasts with eggs, really eggs, all that I love.


If you're trying to change your lifestyle or diet, it's probably unrealistic to say that you'll never eat in your favorite restaurants, drinks, or desserts. Something that has helped me a lot has been one of my friends told me that you could search for restaurant menus and nutritional information online. Nowadays, most restaurants include dietary information on their websites that is extremely helpful and insightful. For example many times I thought that a menu salad would have the least sugar compared to everything else, but most of the time the time was completely wrong! What I would do, is look at these facts online to find out where we intended to eat in order to know in advance what I would order so that I could always abide by my plan.

For example, you can plan your sugar free Starbucks with their nutritional information here in advance. It really takes a little more planning, but it's really worth it!


Since the two weeks have ended, I am much more aware of sugar and its prevalence in the foods we eat. Since the challenge, I still have my occasional chai lattes and my cold coke, but I have so reduced my overall sugar. I'm trying to limit myself to two days a week to have a cheat object, and honestly the weeks I do not limit myself and I eat everything (it's been almost 2 months since I've been cheating. I finished), I notice a huge change in my energy and general feelings.

I've noticed more changes (for good) in my body these two weeks without sugar than ever! Do not say that coaching is not important because I've started going a lot more to the gym, but sometimes I forget that what we eat is what plays the biggest role in the way our body reacts and changes. ]

My reason for starting was not to be healthier and to feel better overall, but in the end I realized that it was more of a mental challenge than it was. a physical problem. If you read my daily newspaper above, you know thirteen day when I opened a bag of donuts for B, he literally took everything in me to resist. At that time, I knew that a donut would not spoil everything, but I wanted to push myself and prove to myself that I could stick to my guns. So many times during these two weeks, I was pushed to the point of giving up. When finished, I was so proud of myself for taking the plunge and it was a good reminder that I could really do everything I thought too. that we are all stronger than we think. I know it sounds cheesy, but I have the impression that it has helped me to have greater mental focus in other areas of my life. Does anyone know what I am talking about? I have the impression that it is really difficult to explain.

Also, I was originally put to make skin improvements and one of the girls who made me up a lot came for a shoot and she was as if your skin seemed tighter under your eyes if you did something different? And I was so excited that she saw a difference! She had no idea I was on the sugar challenge and she is someone who constantly looks at my skin so I was excited to see that it worked!

Have you ever tried to go without sugar? What was your experience like and would you do it again? Or how long did you last without sugar – so curious!

XX, Christine

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