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Viva Naturals Organic Psyllium Husk, 500mg, 500 Vegetarian Capsules – The BEST Fiber Supplement for Optimal Intestinal Health

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Viva Naturals Natural Psyllium Pod is one of the best pure fiber complement to extend your every day fiber consumption, selling improved cardiovascular, digestive and weight administration advantages!

Promotes regularity – with water or different liquids, including quantity to the digestive tract for aid and regularity

Promotes cardiovascular well being – Our psyllium expands 10-20 occasions its authentic weight when taken with an acceptable liquid, facilitating the transport of ldl cholesterol The distinction of Viva Naturals
In contrast to aggressive laxatives, our psyllium shell is a pure fiber that contributes to the elimination of poisons and waste by sustaining the well being of the colon. When harvesting our natural psyllium seeds, we use a novel technique of dehulling that isolates the envelopes from different plant fragments. We gently crush the envelopes to acquire a fantastic and delicate powder with out utilizing chemical substances or aggressive solvents, thus preserving its dietary integrity. Manufactured at GMP-certified services in the US, Viva Naturals Natural Psyllium Husk gives 2.2 g of dietary fiber per every day serving. REGULARITY – In contrast to laxatives, our psyllium capsules naturally kind a gel when it’s mixed with liquids, serving to the passage of meals to eradicate waste. Every serving gives 2.2g of dietary fiber, which is 8% of your advisable every day fiber consumption!
Stimulates Digestive Well being – Excessive fiber meals typically present just one supply of fiber. Our psyllium capsules present a mixture of insoluble and soluble fiber, important for sustaining optimum digestion.
CARDIAC HEALTH PROMOTION – From natural psyllium seeds, our capsules develop from 10 to 20 occasions their authentic measurement into liquids, sweeping the dangerous ldl cholesterol out of the digestive tract for higher cardiovascular assist.
PROMOTING HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT – Excessive fiber consumption when mixed with water promotes satiety and helps you’re feeling longer. Battle cravings with Viva Naturals Natural Psyllium Pod.
Manufactured in GMP licensed factories in the US


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