Forward Head Fix Posture Review: The One Stop Solution to Fixing?

Forward Head Fix Posture

Realize what basic things you can do to improve the Forward Head Fix Posture Review. In light of the rising notoriety of media gadgets, for example, cell phones and PCs, visit clients regularly show erroneous posture. Forward head stance can frequently be decreased or even switched with work out. Become familiar with the three must-do moves for these conditions.

Forward Head Fix Posture Review:

The new disease of forwarding top posture is something that I consider a lot on this place so my curiosity peaked when I came over the Forward Head Posture Fix application.

The plan lays out a habit of simple steps that use a special ‘Sequential Flow’ way that cases will solidify your forward head position without fail.

What’s even more interesting is that the plan challenges that all the guidance you’ve ever listened on adjusting ahead head position is incorrect.

After reading the sales page I couldn’t attend but desire to understand what the Forward Head Posture Fix program was all about and what the hidden sauce really was.

If you have been perusing and examining outcome reviews on the Forward Head Posture Fix you’ll likely come across studies that are of little guidance.

Forward Head men

In most states, I don’t think the characters examining have even worked the property. I determined the only way I was going to take a true way of the details as if I acquired it for myself. So I counted my savings and fortunately, I did have the $9 to buy it.

If you’re taken in this program and currently remaining on the barrier about making the acquisition, then this stake should be of benefit to you.

In this post, I’ll lay out what the business is, how it operates, as well as my personal views regarding the product and report.

One other point to note is that I am not a strong professional or specialist, this is just my personal simple theory of the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

What Is the Forward Head Fix Posture Review Program?

In a nutshell, the Forward Head Posture Fix is a brief guide that is composed to reveal you how to get a forward head position.

The producer, Mike Westerdal, a widespread best-selling fitness author has coupled up with Rick Kaselj (a leading kinesiologist and injury specialist) to perform their specific formula that ‘unravels’ the neck muscles and ‘develops position and gets rid of messy texting throat almost immediately’.

The producers assert that most information on how to fix ahead head position is flawed as it’s based on the idea of inactive stretching which can only give momentary comfort.

They additional postulate that online ‘specialists’ have been all offense because it’s not about the compasses and movements, but it’s the order that these are performed that material. This is what they call the Persistent Flow Method.

This particular unraveling technique includes:

  • Muscle Re-Education Drills
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Deep Cervical Flexors training
  • Self-Massage
  • Static Stretching
  • Postural Strengthening

The Forward Head Posture Fix compiles all these techniques into an 11 step series that will improve posture in less than 15 minutes a day.

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The Forward Head Fix Posture Package & Deal

The Forward Head Posture Fix package covers:

  • Manual that explains the basics of forwarding head posture and features the basic method of fixing it.
  • DVD video explaining how to play the routine with fitting form. Once you have learned the proper form, you can use another video to follow along to as you begin to add the exercises to your daily routine. The third component of the series is a video showing methods to make the exercises easier or harder depending on your preferences.

With every purchase you’ll receive a set of bonuses:

  • Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit DVD
  • 10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions Guide

The package costs $50 but is available for $9 if you purchase before the timer expires.

My Experience: Making the Purchase

I had no real issues or worries about purchasing the product.

The Forward Head Posture Fix plan is traded on the Clickbank Marketplace which is a committed team. Any payments or credit card details are dealt with by Clickbank and not the product creators so you shouldn’t worry about getting scammed or your details getting stolen.

If there is one issue with purchasing the product, it’s the constant marketing and upsells you’ll have to go through to get to your final product.

Expect that once your payment is accepted, you’ll be bombarded with many chances to purchase other products from the creators in a series of pop up screens. If you do manage to stay calm and not throw your computer out the window during this period, after a while, you will eventually reach the program materials.

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Forward Head Fix Posture Materials

Despite the page describing the materials as a DVD, and a Manual, these aren’t actual physical copies. Instead, the program is online so you do not have to get anything delivered and can use the materials right away.

Once you get past the many marketing messages I just mentioned, you will end up at a download page where you can download all your purchases.

There is a connection to download the Forward Head Posture Fix manual which appears in PDF format.

Underneath this download link is the coaching videos embedded into the same page. You can either watch the videos on the download page or download the videos by clicking a button on the video player.

The videos on that page include:

  • A coaching instructional video which shows Rick teaching you how to perform the moves. The video length is 34 minutes.
  • A 12-minute follow-along video that you can use on a daily basis.
  • 2 other videos with exercise swaps if you wish to change some of the movements in the routine. These videos are each around 20 minutes long.

Bonuses also available on the download page include:

  • 2 Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit videos of around 10 minutes each.
  • The 10 Greatest Natural Sleep Solutions Manual PDF which is 37 sheets long.

How I Came Across the Forward Head Fix Posture

Around a week ago I wrote a product review on a program called Unlock Your Hip Flexors. If you haven’t learned about it before, it’s a plan that qualifies a special way to stretch one of the hip flexor muscles (the PSOAS) that unleashes plenty of astounding profits.

It was the rise in popularity of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors product that urged me to buy it and see what all the hype was all about.

Whilst reviewing that product, I saw that the creators, Critical Bench, had also released another program that adopts the same special ‘Sequential Flow Method’ to unlock a foolproof way to fix forward head posture. This plan is, of course, the Forward Head Posture Fix.

Forward Head Fix Posture Review- Pros & Cons

Steches the chair take

Right from the get-go, I’ll say that I have no issue with the benefits they cite regarding correcting forward head posture.

This is quite unlike their previous product Unlock Your Hip Flexors which made claims that seemed rather unrealistic and at times bizarre.

The authors cite that some of the advantages of fixing forward head posture involve better vision, breathing, hormone management, and energy levels. I am with them on the notion that getting forward head posture brings a complete host of advantages, some of which go away accurate facts such as increasing self-confidence and attitude.

In addition, they state forward head posture is becoming more common in today’s society due to all the sitting and staring at screens we are doing these days. They remind us that it’s become so common that forward head posture caused by technology is often known as ‘text neck‘ and that the infamous Dowagers Hump once only associated with old women, is now prevalent amongst young individuals of both genders.

Like the authors, I concede that if you have forward head posture, it should be your top preference to address the problem right away.

My Thoughts: Forward Head Fix Posture Review Program Contents

When I started reading the PDF I was surprised as it was slightly better than I expected. I will say, however, that the majority of the PDF doesn’t outline anything new or cutting edge, but it gives a simple overview of the importance of posture and more background on the advantages of the first head posture.

In various ways the PDF includes the same features as the sales page, without each point is included in greater depth. This sort of knowledge carries up pages 1-38 of the 60 page PDF.

However, you most likely didn’t get the output to learn about the experience of forwarding head posture, and not did I.

It’s a particular way and whether it works which is most valuable. This is what is included in the left pages of the manual.

The Sequential Flow Forward Head Fix Posture Review -Conclusion

This method devised by Rick postulates that static stretching is pointless and that it is the order of the movements and exercises that are important to fix forward head posture. The muscles must be ‘unwound’ in the right order to target them properly. If you don’t, you’re wasting your time.

They believe that this concept has been missed by many experts.

In reality, the Forward Head Posture Fix plan is grounded on the source of the Sequential Flow System and this is the product’s an only single selling point. Without it, it is no various from any other forward head posture getting routine.

I’m not an expert, but I have watched many videos and done quite a bit of research on how to fix forward head posture, and I see nothing new in each of the actions they’ve laid out in the Forward Head Posture Fix application.

What I will say is that I do believe that the routine they have laid out is sufficient to fix forward head posture.

The routine addresses the issues of the tight muscles in the neck by including massage and stretching techniques. They also add the necessary exercises to strengthen the weak neck muscles to restore balance back to the head.

However, in my opinion, it makes no difference what order you do these movements and that the Sequential Flow Method is based on fantasy. They don’t explain the science after the ‘unraveling’ way or why it works, they require the reader to just trust them that it goes.

Should You Buy the Forward Head Fix Posture

As I stated before, the only unique selling point that this program has over any other YouTube video or article on fixing forward head posture is the order (The Sequential Flow Method) that the exercises are performed.

If the order doesn’t matter, then this program has little over any other piece of information that is already out there and available for free. Personally, I don’t think the Sequential Flow Method makes a difference.

Their other product, Unlock Your Hip Flexors also mentions the Sequential Flow Method as being fundamental to seeing results in that program too. I do feel that the Sequential Flow Method is simply a marketing angle to make their programs seem special and entice people to buy them.

Forward Head Fix Posture

I also feel that they have missed a couple of other ideas that are essential to fix forward head posture.

For one adjusting forward head posture usually indicates you have to approach formed shoulders as this postural dysfunction almost invariably conducts forward head posture (known as Upper Crossed Syndrome). They do touch upon this idea and have included one exercise that does target the shoulders, but more emphasis should have been placed on the importance of fixing rounded shoulders as well as rounding of the upper back.

The other issue is that although they do mention a lot on how technology and sitting are killing your posture, I don’t think they even mention that you should be looking to make lifestyle changes in addition to performing the routines.

Such lifestyle changes include looking at your phone less, standing up more often and raising the height of your desktop screens, etc.

Making such changes is important because if you don’t fix the root cause of your forward head posture (putting your head in a forward head posture), then the system will be of very little value for you.

That being said, the one glimmer of hope for the product is that generally the exercises and stretches do look like as if they are suitable for fixing forward head posture

The other part that works in the Forward Head Posture Fix service is that the product only requires $9.

I believe that if you spend an afternoon researching forward head posture, the causes, and how to fix it, you will be able to educate yourself sufficiently to put your own program together to fix forward head posture.

On the other hand, if you are feeling lazy or $9 seems a small price to pay, then you can get all the information you need on forward head posture in the Forward Head Posture Fix package.

However, I deny you’ll take any added advantage by using the Forward Head Posture Fix’s Sequential Flow Method.

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