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84 Gorgeous Bob Hairstyles To Give You All The Inspo

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Looking for a beautiful bob hairstyle to suit the shape of your face? It's time to browse our favorite celebrity styles …

Bob's hairstyles are back – thanks to the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez who donate their chops and their extra harvest. So, if you are thinking of moving the new trend of # 1 hair, then we have all the inspo you need.

From Alexa Chung and her fine waves, with rounded Khloe Kardashian tips and Julianne Houghs' smooth braids, there are many variations to suit all face shapes. Whether you are looking for a bob hairstyle with bangs, or one with diapers, we have what you need.

But because there are so many styles – it made sense that we were hunting on the internet for the best old and new bob hairstyles to give you new haircut ideas fresh in seconds. So, if you want to update your short locks, or go to the chop, we have plenty of ideas to help you before you get started.

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We can not decide what a great photo of bob we'll take at the hairdressers this weekend – but we want to look as good, and fast!

Now, we just need to master our drying techniques to make our hair look as good as it is everyday.

And our advice on how to cheat a blow-dry at home can help you …

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