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The Marie Claire Perfume Directory: The Best Perfumes In The World

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Do you know your oud of your woods? Are you more of a citrus person or do you have a preference for flowers? We know that the world of perfume can be difficult to navigate, which is why our experts at Marie Claire's head office have brilliantly taken up the challenge of discovering the best perfumes in the world. So whether you are looking for your perfume, whether you want to find the perfect perfume for you or you are intrigued by the scent that royals wear, welcome to the Marie Claire perfume directory where we strive to satisfy all your needs. needs.

With millions of fragrances to choose from, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the best perfume for women – not to mention the one you'll use as the scent of your signature. "

You can spray yourself on perfume counters all the time, but it is more likely that you will have a headache rather than your ultimate scent. So, how do you discover the smell that almost seems to have been made for you? Read on for all the best perfumes and how to find your signature perfume .

And if you run out of time, this month we like …  Elie Saab, Girl of Now "width =" 1500 "height =" 1000 "data-sizes =" self "data-srcset = "http://beautyhealthmag.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/1511164810_214_the-marie-claire-perfume-directory-the-best-perfumes-in-the-world.jpg 1500w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/ uploads / sites / 46/2017/11 / elie-saab-girl-of-now-spotlight-300x200.jpg 300w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/elie -saab-daughter-of-now-spotlight-630x420.jpg 630w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/elie-saab-girl-of-now-spotlight- 320x213.jpg 320w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/elie-saab-girl-of-now-spotlight-620x413.jpg 620w, https: // ksassets. timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/elie-saab-girl-of-now-spotlight-920x613.jpg 920w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46 /2017/11/elie-saab-girl-of-now-spotlight-1220x813.jpg 1220w "/> </p>
<p> <strong> What is it: </strong> Elie Saab, Today's Daughter </p>
<p> <strong> Content]: </strong> Mandarin, pear, almond, patchouli <strong> <br /> </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> What does it smell like ?: </strong> A sexy perfume full of personality. The creaminess of the almonds is given an energy injection with the addition of the orange flower, which at the top of a base of patchouli and tonka bean feels fresh. A true game changer. <strong> <br /> </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> How long does it last ?: </strong> 4/5 </p>
<p> <strong> How much does it cost ?: </strong> 52.50 for 50ml <strong> <br /> </strong> </p>
<p> <strong> Buy it now: <a href= Elie Saab, Now Girl, £ 52.50 for 50ml by John Lewis

 Best Winter Fragrance "width =" 2000 "height =" 1125 "data-sizes =" auto "data-srcset =" https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/ sites / 46 / 2017/11 / Best-winter-perfumes.jpg 2000w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/Best-winter-perfumes-300x169.jpg 300w, https: // ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/Best-winter-perfumes-630x354.jpg 630w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46 / 2017/11 /Best-winter-perfumes-320x180.jpg 320w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/Best-winter-perfumes-620x349.jpg 620w, https : // ksassets .timeincuk.net / wp / uploads / sites / 46/2017/11 / Best-winter-perfumes-920x518.jpg 920w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/ 2017/11 / Best-winter-perfumes-1220x686.jpg 1220w "/> </p>
<p> <span class= Rich and warm fragrances always come to mind when we think of the winter scents. After the spicy and ginger notes that have crossed us in the fall, the winter is well underway with lighter notes, more elevated, embellished with something more full-bodied; think of bergamot, neroli and jasmine, associated with dark vanilla, caramel, suede and cocoa accord. The best winter fragrances of 2017 consist of a few classics, with many new and exciting additions.

 Princess Diana style "width =" 1000 "height =" 750 "data-sizes =" self "data-srcset =" https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/ 2017/08 / Princess-Diana-Wedding Dress.jpg 1000w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/08/Princess-Diana-Wedding-Dress-300x225.jpg 300w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/08/Princess-Diana-Wedding-Dress-630x473.jpg 630w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads / sites /46/2017/08/Princess-Diana-Wedding-Dress-320x240.jpg 320w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/08/Princess-Diana-Wedding- Dress- 620x465.jpg 620w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/08/Princess-Diana-Wedding-Dress-920x690.jpg 920w "/> 

<p class= Princess Diana and Prince Charles

From Jo Malone to Illuminum, these are the scents chosen by Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and the Queen on their special days. We could not forget Meghan! Although nothing has yet been confirmed, and that she is not really royal (yet), we are looking forward to another royal wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – with one of his favorite scents being probably his go-to on the big day.

What did Kate wear?

Clarence House confirmed that when Kate said "I do" to Prince William in 2011, she wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum . The small brand behind the floral and sweet smell became a huge name almost overnight with reports that every 50 ml bottle was selling just minutes from the announcement that the duchess had it. scope.

It's still hard to come by, but the Illuminum Rose Oud Eau de Parfum is another of the brand's bestsellers.

 Kate Middleton Wedding Perfume Illuminium Rose Oud "width =" 602 "height =" 325 "data-sizes =" auto "data-srcset =" https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads /sites/46/2017/11/Kate-Middleton-Wedding-day-perfume-Illuminium-Rose-Oud.png 602w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/ Kate-Middleton-Wedding-day-perfume-Illuminium-Rose-Oud-300x162.png 300w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/Kate-Middleton-Wedding-day -perfume-Illuminium-Rose-Oud-320x173.png 320w "/> </div>
<p> <img class=

There's nothing more annoying than spraying your signature scent just so that it's just a memory thirty minutes later. Well, we talked to an expert about how you can make your perfume last longer, day or night. So why not try these five simple steps to get the most out of your favorite perfume? Oh and the best piece? It turns out that even if you can not smell your perfume, everyone can probably do it! And wait to find out why.

Never be without your favorite perfume with our edition of the best mini-trips for your bag.

 smell of marriage "width =" 1500 "height =" 1000 "data-sizes =" auto "data-srcset =" https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/ 2017/11 / wedding-scent.jpg 1500w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/wedding-scent-300x200.jpg 300w, https: //ksassets.timeincuk. net / wp / uploads / sites / 46/2017/11 / wedding-perfume-630x420.jpg 630w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/wedding-scent-320x213 .jpg 320w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/wedding-scent-620x413.jpg 620w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites /46/2017/11/wedding-scent-920x613.jpg 920w, https://ksassets.timeincuk.net/wp/uploads/sites/46/2017/11/wedding-scent-1220x813.jpg 1220w "/> </p>
<p> I do not know what perfume to wear on the day of your wedding and how <a href= choose the perfect perfume for the wedding day ? Click for expert advice on how to choose the perfect scent for your big day, how to layer it and how to keep it for your next wedding anniversary.

Love everything about perfume? Mark the Marie Claire perfumes directory for all the best perfume content …

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