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Mid-Length Hairstyles You’ll Love

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Want a cutlet? Here are all the hair you will need …

Mid-length hairstyles are the most versatile style you can have. You have a lot of hair to experiment with – without the hassle of long hair .

Washing and brushing may not be as quick a process as your short-haired friends, but your hair is really clean.

So, if you plan to go get the chop – but you do not want to lose too a lot of length, we have rounded all the hair you need. Sit down, drag and show your hairdresser these styles.

Mid-length hairstyles: all the inspiration you need

Ruffled waves? They are a kid's game with a choppy wand. In a few minutes you can get out of the door with Beachy locks like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Glam Hollywood curls are a great option too. With the right amount of tight loop, you can simulate a shoulder bob, but wear them in bulk and you will be in the center of the projector.

The fringes also like mid-length locks. Wear yours long and manhandled like Alexa Chung or opt for a shorter statement look like Kerry Washington.

Then of course, there are endless updo options. Ponytails appear more bouncy and more rebellious with medium-length hair, especially if you add a lot of texture with some dry shampoo or texturizing spray. In addition, you will not carry the weight of longer and heavier hair – so no mid-day headaches for you!

The topknots are beautiful with mid-length styles, and you can experiment with half-up, half-down and hun looks or rolls.

Then come braids and braids – of all kinds! You have enough length for a laterally swept fish tail, and just enough to create twisted and braided buns. If you're looking for something fresh, try Perrie Edwards Scalp Braid while adding a load of volume to the rest of your hair.

Mid-length hair is really the best – you can do it all! Check out our favorite mid-length hairstyles from this bumper gallery …

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