9 Products That Keep You Fresh and Stress-Free During Your Period


Let's talk about periods for a second. You will have a hard time finding a woman who really enjoys their time of the month. It's no wonder we collectively spend billions of dollars in pain relief products like ibuprofen and heating pads. And while we are certainly not opposed to any of these things, it is also important to keep it healthy and fresh under the equator. You have probably heard the phrase "pH balance" used by gynecologists and other healthy experts, and for good reason.

PH refers to the balance of acidic and alkaline molecules in a specified area, and is measured on a scale of 0-14. The lower the number, the more acidic it is. A healthy vagina is between 3 and 5, but this number can easily be affected by external factors, such as your diet or products that have not been designed to work with the natural temperature of your vagina (soap bar and scented cleaners). ]

Thus, during a menstrual cycle, while most are blinded by painful cramps and cravings for chocolate, we should take extra care of our lower regions. But that does not mean that we should want to work. In advance, we have collected 9 safe and affordable products (heating pads included) that will make your periods a little less lamentable.

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Cleaning cloths from the eve of the summer

Eve Eve Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Toilet paper is great and everything, but not very comforting when you're on your period. A cleansing wipe (made with safe ingredients) is the best option when you want to smell fresh and neutralize odors. The Summer & # 39; s Eve range is dermatologist tested and alcohol free, so you do not have to worry about dryness or irritation.

$ 3.69, at CVS

The eve of the summer

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | New spray of freshness

New fresh deodorant spray

We are not ashamed to admit that he can feel a little uncomfortable there during our monthly. And if you lead an active life or a daily workout, your BIO is almost guaranteed to increase. A deodorant spray will keep things neutral; Just make sure that it is made with safe ingredients or hypoallergenic, like this one.

$ 2.73, at Walmart

New Freshness

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Life Energy jade rug

Life energy heat therapy healing jade mat

Consider yourself lucky if you do not feel cramps during your period. But if you do, a heating pad is the equivalent of a warm blanket on a cold winter day. And although we love these cute, micro-wavy sold on Etsy, we need something with a little more muscle. Enter this body size block, which includes an automatic shutdown feature, so you do not have to worry about potential skin irritation.

$ 149.95, at Amazon

Energy of Life

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Wrap of ThermaCare

ThermaCare heating strips

On the contrary, you would look silly to wear a super-sized heating pad in the work or on the subway. When cramps give you hell, but you still have places to be, these mini-wraps attach to your pants or underwear for relief on the go.

$ 5.99, at Walgreens


 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Olly goodbye to stress

Olly Nutrition Supplements & # 39; Goodbye to Stress & # 39;

For some of us, periods induce both physical and mental anxiety. So, when a good night's sleep or Advil does not work, feed your body the calm it needs. These innovative supplements are made from a unique blend of ingredients that you will want to keep at your desk. They include soothing lemongrass balm, gaba and L-Theanine, two of which stimulate alpha brain waves that promote relaxation.

US $ 13.99, at Olly Nutrition

Olly Nutrition

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Support normal postage wipes

Keeping the wipes natural PostPlay

If you and your daughter do not oppose intimacy during your period, keep these wipes on your bedside table for postcoital care. They are free of all harmful substances (perfume, alcohol, chlorine, paraben, glycerin, formaldehyde) and clean your lower regions without disturbing the natural balance of the pH of the vagina.

$ 10.99, at Sustain Natural

Supporting the natural

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Sweet Spot Labs Body Wash

SweetSpot Labs Neroli Sweet Mandarin Wash Feminine

Bar soaps and scented body cleansers are a nightmare for the vagina because they are made with hard ingredients that unbalance the natural temperature (PH). This in turn leads to yeast infections and other bacterial problems. The most natural cleansers of SweetSpot are made with balanced PH ingredients that have been tested by dermatologists and gynecologists. The best part? You can use it all over the body and not just below the waist.

$ 7.99, at SweetSpot Labs

SweetSpot Laboratories

 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Panties of Thinx period

Thinx period briefs

The safety of traditional tampons and tampons has been questioned in recent years, resulting in an influx of biological alternatives promising not to harm your interior. And for those who are not in the period of tampons or tampons, anti-blood underwear are on the come-up. They are not for everyone, but are really worth considering if you want a different type of coverage.

$ 24 – $ 39, at Thinx


 STYLERATOR | Period Products | Go with your Flow Pack

Animosa with your Flow Pack

There is nothing worse than forgetting the protection while traveling. This "menstrual adventure kit" includes a storage pouch filled with must-have (tampons, tampons, wipes) and a discreet disposal system for used products. When there is no trash in sight, this mini bag is a bargain.

$ 24, to Animosa


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